Giving Back

CSU, Chico Blitz Build

Each year the Construction Management Department at Chico State University performs what is called the “Blitz Build”.  This event is performed in conjunction with the local business community to provide housing for a selected organization. The students of the Construction Management Department provide the labor and get valuable hands on real world experience managing and coordinating the project.

The typical project consists of building two 1100 square foot homes in just 10 days! How is that possible? The students are involved in the pre-construction process for 6 months prior to the beginning of construction on site. This is a skill that they will frequently use throughout their career. The walls for the homes are constructed in an offsite warehouse and shipped to the site for assembly. The students gain valuable problem solving skills while working in team environment.

Local General Contracting firms including Slater & Son provide at no cost, Project Managers and Superintendents onsite during the building process to assist the students in coordinating the construction and managing subcontractors.

The results speak for itself, the community receives much needed affordable housing and the experience the students gain during the process is a valuable commodity that they will use time and again.