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Crain Walnut, one of the largest growers and processors of English Walnuts in California, operates a year-round processing facility in Los Molinos, California. When they needed two new buildings that needed to be constructed prior to the start of harvest, they came to us. When they approached us, they’d already purchased a 40,000 sq. ft. pre-engineered metal building that they wanted used as the supporting structure for a concrete tilt wall warehouse.

We ran into a roadblock when the new building was attached to an existing warehouse, and the client expressed that they wanted the gutters, downspouts, roofing panels, and exposed members to match. This was a challenge, as the components are made by two different manufacturers. We were able to find sources of those materials that were outside our own supply network. With extensive research into the dimensions and features of each item, we managed to match the components exactly to the client’s specifications.

Our second project with Crain Walnut was to create a 40,000 sq. ft. cold storage warehouse, for which we utilized the Thermax insulation system to create an insulated concrete tilt wall panel. Our biggest challenge for this project was space, as we had a very limited amount to cast the wall panels. Our solution was to stack the panels on top of each other, which worked well, allowing us to maintain the client’s deadline, with the added bonus of reducing costs.

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