Chico Country Day School: Jr. High School Building Renovation

Project Info

When contracted to transform a 70-year-old former Salvation Army facility into a middle school, we knew it would be a challenge. The existing block masonry building was in fairly poor condition, with an old vinyl tile floor, broken windows, no air conditioning, and exposed metal roof trusses. Adding to the challenge was a limited budget and the fact that the client needed the project completed in 90 days, so that the school could be ready to welcome students for fall semester.

The client wisely took advantage of our value engineering services during renovation to improve on the design, which ultimately saved the school money. One idea which came from these services was to remove the vinyl tile flooring and give the underlying concrete floor a thorough scrubbing. After the floor was cleaned, we applied a gloss finish and the resulting look had a modern feel with the added benefit of saving the client thousands of dollars.

Project Details

  • Educational